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Meet the team.

The team that make it happen, and our furry colleagues.

Tim Dunton, Job role- MD, at Nimbus
Founder and Managing Director
I show up even though nobody called me, answer questions they never asked and stop bad things from happening.
Pete Martin, Job role- Technical manager, at Nimbus
Head of Technical
Having been at Nimbus since day 6! I keep the technical team in line, plus winning anything that there is to be won.
Lucy Hogg, Job role- Financial controller, at Nimbus
Head of Finance & HR
Head of tea making, cake baking occasionally crunching those numbers and organising this rowdy lot!
Lisa Coleman, Job role- Sales and marketing manager
Head of Sales and Marketing
My time out of work is spent caring for my two children, cheering on Liverpool Football Club and striving to achieve my life ambition of becoming a wine connoisseur.
Nick Ford, Job role- Head of research and development, at Nimbs
Head of Research & Development
I investigate the problems that leave the rest of the team stumped... and sometimes even fix them.
Tom Kingham, Job role- Business development manager, at Nimbus
Business Development Manager
I live for sales, growth is my passion… in my spare time you’ll find me in search of the perfect beer or playing on Fifa legendary mode.
Luke Tonkin, Job role- Systems administrator, at Nimbus
Systems Administrator
Founding member of the Nimbus running club and love my gadgets and tech.
Coco (office dog), Job role- chief barketing officer, at Nimbus
Chief Barketing Officer
I'm enjoying life with my new family, and now I get a work family too! I love to leave my toys round the office, take long lunch breaks and come up with most of the marketing ideas.
Charlotte Cox, Job Role- Credit controller, at Nimbus
Credit Controller
Always on the party bus, occasionally chasing our lovely clients for payment of their invoices.
William Sale, Job role- senior technical consultant, Nimbus
Senior Technical Consultant
Technically minded, BBQ Grill-master, Rugby playing, Beer drinking, Pool playing, Migration machine.
Lydia Plant, Job role- Marketing manager, at Nimbus
Marketing Manager
I'm a passionate Marketer, chocoholic and lover of lattes.
Louise Willoughby, Job role- Client service ad sales administrator, at Nimbus
Client Service and Sales Administrator
Tea drinker, Problem Solver and Mother of Cats!
Oliver Feldman, Job role- Account manager, at Nimbus
Account Manager
Lover of all things tech. Keeping our Clients growing in the opposite direction of my hairline.
Ross Hobson, Job role- Technical analyst, at Nimbus
Technical Analyst
My speciality lies in useless historical facts. I've also been known to fix computers on the side!
John Halsey, Job role- Lead developer, at Nimbus
Lead Developer
I drink tea, appreciate coffee, enjoy a wide range of musical genres and wear interesting belt buckles. Whilst helping to develop STORM.
Sabeena, Job role - developer
I am an avid reader, a foodie and I believe hot chocolate and dessert makes everything ok, mom to two lovely little humans, and yeah, I thoroughly enjoy programming.
Sam Newby, Job role- developer, at Nimbus
Spend most of my time talking Tottenham, drinking coffee and thinking about when we're next ordering pizza. Oh, and occasionally working on STORM.
Carla Bousfield, Job role- Finance assistant, at Nimbus
Finance Assistant
I help count the money here, but my real passion is to spend spend spend mine. I'm a self-confessed spendaholic!
Reggie our Chief Furnancial Officer
Chief Furnancial Officer
I enjoy running around like mad in the office, playing with my toys and then taking a well deserved snooze. All whilst managing the furnancial team.
Chelsey Corbey-West, Job role- Marketing apprentice, at Nimbus
Digital Marketing Apprentice
I am enthusiastic about Marketing, a lover of all things Motorsport and addicted to Starbucks (mocha Frappuccino is my favourite).
Harry Brown, Job role- Marketing apprentice, at Nimbus
Digital Marketing Apprentice
If I’m not taking photos at a car show, I’m playing a racing game. Oh, and I’m one of the new apprentices.
Chris Wain, Job role- Technical analyst, at Nimbus
Technical Analyst
Part Time simulation Racing Driver and a nerdy Comic book Collector!!
Jamie Pearson, Job role- Technical analyst, at Nimbus
Technical Analyst
Keen kayaker, occasional park-runner and golden retriever enthusiast. Excited to be part of the team at Nimbus!
Mikey Harkess, Job role- Developer, at Nimbus
Resident cognac drinker. Regularly found at the pool table or eating vegan junk food. Failing that you’ll find me developing STORM.
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