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Here you'll find all the benefits of Magento hosting within STORM. Keep scrolling for all the amazing features!

Magento made easy in STORM.

With Magento hosting in STORM, you can focus on what really matters. Running your eCommerce platform. With a secure cloud location, you’ll also worry less about performance issues and more about user experience and coding. Amazing.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the benefits of Magento hosting in STORM. Including, one-click installs, staging sites, Let’s Encrypt and PCI Compliance.

Speedy one-click installs.

There’s nothing we love more than making our customer’s lives easier. After all, it’s what makes Nimbus tick. Which is why STORM allows you to have one-click Magento installs to speed things along. Set up a fresh Magento installation on your cloud server in just one-click. We’ll even show you how to do it, check out our Knowledge Base here.

Setting up staging area

Staging environments you can trust.

Set up a reliable staging environment to test your coding, campaigns and landing pages before launching them onto your Magento site. Two of everything. One less worry.

Supercharge your development process and tackle any issues first hand in your staging environment before you go ahead with the launch. Not only are staging environments good for developers and techies but also business owners too. Have the security of knowing everything is fixable in your staging site before anything goes live.

Hassle free coding. No surprises. Better performance. Just the way we like it.

Let’s Encrypt made easy.

At Nimbus we were sure we wanted to integrate Let’s Encrypt into STORM so that you could get a free SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificate installed in minutes on your Magento site. Once you’ve installed your certificates, you can manage them all in one place. STORM. What’s even better, is STORM will automatically renew your SSL certificates every 90 days – even if you have setup a redirection, password protection or even changed your URL. Sit back, relax (put your feet up if necessary), and let us do the graft for you! Nice.

Install Let’s Encrypt on your Magento site within minutes. No technical knowledge needed. No lengthy validation process.

Find out more about Let’s Encrypt in our knowledge base.

Let's Encrypt, One Click, Hosting Platform STORM
PCI compliant with STORM

PCI Compliance in the flick of a switch.

If you’re running a Magento eCommerce site, we completely get that cardholder safety is a top priority of yours. Which is why STORM is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant hosting server. So, all of your transactions and credit/debit cardholder payments are safe and secure in our hosting platform.

Whether you’re a beginner techie with little technical knowledge or a tech wizard – you can become PCI Compliant just by flicking the switch in one click on our dashboard. Our toggle disables TLSv1.0 and forces FTP and SSH connections to be allow listed before they can even connect.

Find out more about PCI Compliance on our blog.

Pick a Magento package that’s right for you.

We’ve got a great range of Magento hosting packages at a great range of prices. Need some help choosing? Just ask.

  • Argon Web Hosting Icon
    Argon £75/m
  • Hydrogen Web Hosting Icon
    Hydrogen £200/m
  • Krypton Web Hosting Icon
    Krypton £270/m
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